Department of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering,  Tokyo Institute of Technology 

The Laboratory for Energy Science and Engineering from Molecular Scale

Y. Murakami Lab

Research Group of Y. Murakami

This laboratory is carrying out studies pertaining to energy science and engineering to resolve the problems that we mankind are facing presently and in the future, with placing an emphasis on the designing and the mechanism understandings from molecular scale to form a system of macro-scale, so that the functions properly designed at the molecular scale are of an engineering utility at macro-scale where we are residing in.

For previous five years since 2009, this laboratory had been in the Global Edge Institute, which has terminated at the end of March 2014. Then, from April 2014, this laboratory has re-launched as a research group in the Department of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology. While most of the experimental investigations in our group are fulfilled by various kinds of spectroscopic means to elucidate relevant kinetics and dynamics at molecular scale, our spirit of aim is solidly set to be of practical utility to address specific problems that we are/will be encountering in the world.

Thus far, we have been paying most of our efforts on the research-and-development of “photon upconversion” technology, which we will be further continuing to bring it to real application. The technical details are given in the “Research” tab on the left. Additionally, we are launching a few projects to further pursue the objectives and directions stated above. The details will be added to this homepage as the projects develop.











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